Off Season Rides

By pam power|November 21, 2017

I retired early from 2017 season…I got sick and things fell apart from there. I did head out to Bend to race but was not “in it” from a fitness level. I finished way down in the 2/3. I just could not lay down the watts and recover like before. So I am taking November “off” so to speak. I’m riding for fun or not at all really. When December comes, I

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Cross Crusades – Wooden Shoe

By pam power|November 18, 2017

Man this season has flown by but I feel like the Cross Crusades races are all blurring together. I am enjoying this first year of racing and learning so much.  The last Cross Crusades race I did for the series was the Wooden Shoe race.  It is called the Wooden Shoe because it was held out at the farm that hosts the Wooden Shoe Tulip Festival every year outside of

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