Off Season Rides

By pam power|November 21, 2017

I retired early from 2017 season…I got sick and things fell apart from there. I did head out to Bend to race but was not “in it” from a fitness level. I finished way down in the 2/3. I just could not lay down the watts and recover like before. So I am taking November “off” so to speak. I’m riding for fun or not at all really. When December comes, I

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Cross Crusades – Wooden Shoe

By pam power|November 18, 2017

Man this season has flown by but I feel like the Cross Crusades races are all blurring together. I am enjoying this first year of racing and learning so much.  The last Cross Crusades race I did for the series was the Wooden Shoe race.  It is called the Wooden Shoe because it was held out at the farm that hosts the Wooden Shoe Tulip Festival every year outside of

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GPCM – Washougal MX (Race #6)

By pam power|October 25, 2017

I podiumed in Category 3 Women!  I am still doing a little happy dance, but I made a killer goal for this season in that I podiumed in three different categories in cross racing this year!  For me as a first year racer who has only been riding for three years, and with the majority of my hours being in the last 18 months, I consider this a major achievement. 

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Cyclocross Series and Upgrade Point Woes

By travispower|October 11, 2017

Series points in the GPCM series make it hard to win… Ok, I realize that point systems are not perfect and that these systems can’t really be fair for all but there has got to be a better solution here.  I think that allowing people to carry points when upgraded during a series is a good start and I don’t know why it is not being allowed. So whats wrong…

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Blind Date at the Dairy

By travispower|September 29, 2017

Yep, finally made it out to Blind Date.  It was a hot 88F in Portland in late September and rain loomed in the coming forecast.  I knew the chances of having another dry and beautiful night like this were slim so I got my butt out to Alpenrose for a crack at this course before facing it again during the first weekend of Cross Crusade. The only problem was that

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GPCM Ninkrossi (Race #4)

By travispower|September 26, 2017

Ninkrossi! Ninkrossi, a part of the Grand Prix Candi Murray, is aptly named after the beer sponsor – Ninkasi Brewing.  All entries get a free beer! The race is at Washougal MX park (but not the actual motocross park), instead you go on through the park to the back side where you’re presented with a bit of a pacific northwest view and course laid out on the side of a

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GPCM Zaaldercross (Race #3)

By travispower|September 20, 2017

Zaaldercross It was my birthday and the race was Zaaldercross out at Alderwood park.  I have a call-up now because of my 3rd place finish at Het Meer a week prior.  I also had a lot more confidence in the 3’s having won Corn Cross and placing 2nd at Trophy Cup leading up to the race.  I was super stoked to have nice weather for this race because last year

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GPCM Het Meer (Race #2)

By travispower|September 16, 2017

Het Meer CX Race #2 of GPCM So for Het Meer I decided to up my game and race in the master 3’s.  It was the right decision but a hard one after the week before’s performance.  I like winning but the reality is that it is better to win when the competition is tough than when it is not. Het Meer is dutch for “the lake” and that is

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GPCM David Douglas (Race #1)

By travispower|September 15, 2017

It was hot that day but I missed the heat because I chose to start my season the way it ended last year – in the CAT4 Men.  Heck, I was under the impression I was going to get callups at every CAT4 race since I won last year but turns out that nobody really cares too much about the CAT4 Champ and with good reason…CAT4 should really be a

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Oregon Cyclocross Scene

By travispower|September 14, 2017

Oregon has a vibrant cyclocross scene and in particular there are several series that run in the Portland metro area. Weekend Series GPCM The season kicks off with the Grand Prix series, labor day weekend.  This series is typically named after a local celebrity of the race community.  This year we’re celebrating the involvement and impact that Candi Murray has had in our race community.  Therefore the Grand Prix series

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