Off Season Rides

By pam power|November 21, 2017

I retired early from 2017 season…I got sick and things fell apart from there. I did head out to Bend to race but was not “in it” from a fitness level. I finished way down in the 2/3. I just could not lay down the watts and recover like before. So I am taking November “off” so to speak. I’m riding for fun or not at all really. When December comes, I

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Fall Riding in Helvetia

By pam power|October 10, 2017

Fall in Oregon is here!  I don’t really want summer to end, because I am not ready for the rain and I mean NOT…AT…ALL…However I will always be thrilled to see fall.  So if fall could stay around forever that would be amazing. With my husband working full time, I work three days a week, am with my kids the other two days (they are five and a half and

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