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Stages Dash Thoughts

Introduction I was long overdue for a new cycling computer and so when I unwrapped the present that my wife got me for my birthday I was pretty excited to see a Stages Dash staring right back at me.  I had already read DC Rainmakers review of the device and felt like this was something, along with the online platform, which could help me take my training to the next

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Cyclocross Maintenance – What do you know?

Tips for Easy & Fast Cross Maintenance So now a month into racing cyclocross I encountered my first mud race.  Like torrential downpour mud race.  I slipped, I fell, I was a muddy mess, my bike was a disgusting muddy mess.  So when I finished my race I got in the line and hosed the old girl down to make sure she was mud free before I even went back

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Viner Settante Road Bike Review

Viner Settanta Review There is not much on the internet with regards to Viner bikes and the information is even more scarce when you look for Settanta reviews.  It is for this very reason that I am writing a bit about the bike. Before I get into this too much I did want to point out that one of our team sponsors is PlanetX bikes.  However, this review is my

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