Ladies Race Cyclocross Too

Pam Power Vista House Cycling RideHello!  Did you know this fine fellow who started this blog has a significant other?  Intro me, his wife, Pam.  I hope you are enjoying Trav’s blog posts about his races, rides and other musings helpful, interesting and insightful.  I am going to tell you my blog posts won’t be anything as technical, scientific, heck maybe not even as well thought out.  I am a more emotional type of gal, one who writes as she feels, which is basically how I talk as well.  So I write just as I would talk to you. So what am I doing here?  I wanted to give you all my perspective on this whole riding, racing and cycling thing.

Travis Power Power Oregon CyclocrossWhen Trav started cycling over five years ago, he actually bought his first bike when our daughter was three months old and promptly started training for a century ride, to be done on Father’s Day.  Seriously awesome timing right?   So here I am with a newborn, no family where we lived in Denver at the time and he was gone cycling after work, before work and for long hours on the weekend.  Actually you know what it really wasn’t that bad because what is awesome when you have a baby, you just throw them in a stroller and take them where ever you want to go!  So when he was out riding we usually walked to coffee, went for walks with friends, went for runs with our dog, and did things we wanted to do.  He survived his first century, didn’t hate it and continued to grow his love for cycling by doing a second century and then dabbling with the idea of racing, finally taking the plunge in 2016.

Kids Riding Bikes

Now enter my life while he races and two children under the age of four.  His first year racing to be honest was ROUGH…He trained a lot, raced 1-2 times a week, and then cross season started…………..omg.  After watching a few of his races last year, I totally enjoyed hanging with the team by the idea of racing cross sounded ridiculous to me on so many levels.  First I was barely two years out after ACL reconstruction surgery, it was a horrible fall and winter so pretty much every race was in a downpour, I had two kids under four both of whom napped, and did I mention pouring down rain???

Pam Power CycloCross

I had been riding for the last two and a half years, we actually bought my first road bike two months before I had my ACL surgery.  So I have been riding for a bit, nothing serious.  I had done a TT, done a race at Tabor, NEVER AGAIN…I have also done the ride from Hood River to the Dalles and back, McKenzie Pass and some amazing rides around our home.  This year however I tried out a race at PIR.  I actually had a good time!  However there aren’t a ton of women who race PIR so I pretty much raced with the Olympia Cycling team, who was having a team race practice.

Pam Lilly Cheering

Over the last few months Team Planet X USA P/B Xiogix has gained some awesome ladies, via their significant others.  Now with a sizeable crew the idea of trying to cross race became more fun.  Oh and both my kids now ride bikes without training wheels and they don’t nap!  Between the increased confidence on my bike, a better stage for our kids, more ladies to have fun with and a sweet new bike! (more to come on that later)  So I have signed up, am four races in now and I LOVE it.  Seriously I find a massive new energy to ride, research (not as much as my lovely husband) and aim to get better.

Pam Power Het Meer WinI have two podiums under my belt, both in Cat 5, I raced in Cat 4 once but got some feedback that in order to stretch  myself and become better I may as well just move up to Cat 3.  So here I am in Cat 3, probably going to get my rear end handed to me, but I am smiling and loving the insaneness that is Cross.

So stay with me as I talk about my thoughts, my races and other rides that I do.  I do slightly have an obsession with finding the Washington County Barn Quilts, which are all rideable from my house.  Score!  Enjoy and see you around!

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