Viner Settante Road Bike Review

Viner Settanta Review

There is not much on the internet with regards to Viner bikes and the information is even more scarce when you look for Settanta reviews.  It is for this very reason that I am writing a bit about the bike.

Before I get into this too much I did want to point out that one of our team sponsors is PlanetX bikes.  However, this review is my honest opinion and not meant to be a shameless PX plug for PX bikes.

What I know about Viner

I don’t know much about Viner as I’m fairly new to cycling but this seems to be an older brand that was recently revived by PlanetX.  Viner was founded in 1947 in Pistoia Italy by Viviano Nerozzi.  The brand name is a combination of his first and last names.  By the 60’s the bikes were being ridden by Pro’s such as Conti and Polidori and sponsored teams such as Furzi-FT.  The company continued to expand under Nerozzi until he passed away at age 69.  In 2007 his successor Baldi passed away.  Finally, in 2013 the company closed its doors.

The Settanta is their 70th anniversary bike (1947-2017).

Context for review

I have been riding bikes for a bit over five years now.  My introduction to road cycling was on a cross bike which I purchased to do a century with a friend whom later did not make it to said century.  I ended up completing the 100 miles in 100 degree heat and was hooked.  I commuted to work on the bike for about a year and continued to ride recreationally, trying to get faster.

After 2 years I started doing group rides and thought I should probably get another bike.  I purchased a used Cervelo RS (2008 model).  Since purchasing I have put over 12,000 miles on the bike.  The Cervelo has been awesome for me.  In the last year and a half I’ve raced on it and it has never really failed me.  I’ve won circuit races via bunch sprints as well as 12hr time trials.  It does everything.

My motivation for purchasing another road bike is to have a more modern platform for racing on, to be more aero in both the bike and my position, and to have something new and unique to be excited about.

Selecting the bike

When I first saw pictures of the Settanta I instantly fell in love.  It reminded me of a silver Vanilla Speedwagen that I saw on instagram last year.  I knew that with this being a 70th anniversary edition, of a lesser known bike brand, from a bike company based out of the UK that there would be virtually no chance I would see another bike like it around town.  Yes it is possible, particularly considering PlanetX used to have a shop here in Portland, but I found it highly unlikely to occur.

However, I really did go back and forth over the bikes.  I also was very tempted by the weight of the Maxima RS 4.0 with 40mm tubulars on it.  Sub 800gr frame and 1350gr wheelset?  In the end though, I followed my heart and went with the Settanta.

Basic Specs

  • Viner Settanta 52cm in Platinum
  • Force 22 groupset
    • GXP BB
    • Force carbon crank – 53×39
    • Force medium cage 11 speed – 11-32
  • Selcof finishing kit
  • Selcof 56mm wheelset – tubeless compatible
  • Weight: 17.5lb with pedals/bottle cages


Build quality was great.  Bike did not require tuning out of the box whatsoever.  Maintenance is minimal over its first 1000 miles.

The bike looks absolutely stunning in person.  It inspires me to ride which is probably the single most important reason to buy a specific bike.  I have been really into matte black lately but I feel like grey and platinum is along the same lines yet somehow pops even more for me.  The 56mm carbon wheels make a big difference to looks as well, and 28mm tires on the rear and 25mm on the front fill out the frame nicely.

Aside from looks the ride quality is actually not as harsh as I thought it was going to be.  The platform is firm yet compliant over bumps.  I really am not bothered at all riding 5+ hours on the bike.  In fact, recently I did a 100 miler with a friend and had no discomfort.

In racing conditions the bike inspires confidence.  It holds lines really well and feels fast in a given direction.  I cannot seem to flex the frame or wheels when I dish out 1300W.


The bike suffers from an identity crisis.  On one hand you can say the bike is great at everything, but on another you could say it does not excel at anything in particular. The bike is not fully “aero”, nor is it lightweight for climbing.  It is comfortable yet not full on endurance geometry.  The wheels cut wind but also weigh more than a mid-range alloy set.

Final Word

All of this is nearly negligible at the level I race at but I still feel its worth noting because if you’re one of those lucky people to have a bike specific for every single scenario then you might pass on this.  You can get a lighter bike for uphill TT, and a more aero bike for crits.  A more comfortable bike for century rides, training and ultras.  A more utilitarian bike for commuting.

However, if you’re the type of person that needs a do-all bike for racing, fast club rides, or crushing PR’s, then this should definitely be on your list.  Rock the 56mm’s for Crits, group rides and anything without extended climbs.  Flip to some carbon tubulars for races with the big climbs.  Or just grow some quads and forget about the weight of your bike altogether.

Aside from all of this mumbo jumbo; you have a bike that is unique and looks absolutely brilliant.

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  1. Hi. really interested in this frame but as you say info spec and reviews are scant at best. how does the seatpost clamp as there are no pictures anywhere showing this ? , also i have been informed that the BB is an english thread as i want to fit a sram force groupset could you confirm this for me . many thanks Chris

    1. Hi,

      The BB is English threaded like you say – any SRAM GXP crankset/bb will fit. The SRAM GPX weighs more than press fit but I find it more easily serviceable.

      The seatpost clamp is internal wedge type. You tighten the bolt and it pushes against the post more and more. It seems to work ok although you do need to tighten it more than a collar. Its similar to what you see here:

      You can DM me on instagram @pnw.power if you have further questions!


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